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Heybot (ヘボット Hebotto) is the protagonist from the Heybot! series, voiced by Shiori Izawa. He is a yellow Voca Bot that has a Neji Tama on his abdomen and contains the unique Hebo Hebo Neji on his head. Heybot is Nejiru's partner, the two being known as the "Hebo Neji Kombi" (ヘボネジコンビ).


Heybot is clumsy and thick-skulled. He uses ore as a first person pronoum and adds "~hebo" to the end of his phrases. He sometimes releases explosive farts, specially when tense. His favorite food is Imochin.



Nejiru found Heybot while searching the Neji Tama he obtained on his birthday.


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