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Heybot! (ヘボット! Hebotto!) is a franchise from Bandai Namco.


Heybot! is a Japanese animated series from Bandai Namco Pictures that began airing on September 18, 2016 on TV Asahi every Sunday.


Episode 01ヘボッとうまれて屁・ボーン! September 18, 2016
Episode 02ネジ屋対ボキャリーマンズ! September 25, 2016
Episode 03コワコワ~、はじめてのコワ話 October 2, 2016
Episode 04ヘボ流・ネジタネの育て方! October 9, 2016
Episode 05ヘボット、いなくなったってよ October 16, 2016
Episode 06激走!ボキャバトルレース October 23, 2016
Episode 07ヘックションでフエフエのヘボ October 30, 2016
Episode 08決戦!ノリノリヶ島! November 13, 2016
Episode 09ヘボットは赤ちゃんバブ November 20, 2016
Episode 10土星は地獄だ! November 27, 2016
Episode 11奇怪・呪螺子島 December 4, 2016
Episode 12ヘボットのアレがはれた December 11, 2016
Episode 13ジョリポロリ December 18, 2016
Episode 14ヘボヘボ漂流記!? December 25, 2016
Episode 15ネジが島クロニクルの巻 January 8, 2017
Episode 16キケン!ボキャ美のターン January 15, 2017
Episode 17ネジささる、ゆえにヘボあり January 22, 2017
Episode 18ネジル学校に行く January 29, 2017
Episode 19ヨロシク!湯煙ロクンロー February 5, 2017
Episode 20ヘボ流・キッチンバトル!? February 12, 2017
Episode 21時をバグるピコピコToki wo Bug ru Piko Piko February 19, 2017
Episode 22ライネジング・サンRinejing Sun February 26, 2017
Episode 23ねらわれたネジ魂Nerawareta Neji Tama March 5, 2017
Episode 24兄×弟Ani × Otōto
("Big Brother × Little Brother")
March 12, 2017
Episode 25ツルっとオチた流れ星 March 19, 2017
Episode 26プリンス・オブ・いもチンPrince of Imochin March 26, 2017
Episode 27ヘボット、ペケット 地獄めぐりHeybot, Peket Jigoku Meguri April 2, 2017
Episode 28さらば、愛しのモエカス!Saraba, Aishi no Moekath
("Farewell, My Beloved Moekath")
April 9, 2017
Episode 29イインダヨ~、スゴスゴインダヨ~Iindayo~, Sugo Sugoindayo~ April 16, 2017
Episode 30忘れられないの April 23, 2017
Episode 31インネジクタスInnejictus April 30, 2017
Episode 32ユカイYOUかい怪盗かい!? May 7, 2017


A Heybot! manga is serialized on Gekkan CoroCoro Comic. The first chapter was published on September 2016.


Heybot! Hebo Hebo! Heybotournament! is a puzzle game released for Nintendo 3DS in 2016.


Main Toys

DX Heybot!
September 17, 2016 A toy with various modes, such as "talk mode", "battle mode", "mission mode". Comes with a Hebo Hebo Neji.
Voca Neji Tool Box
September 17, 2016. A tool box case that can store 15 Voca Neji. It can't store Eto Neji.
DX Heybot! and 3 Voca Neji and Tool Box Set
September 17, 2016. DX Heybot! with a set of three Voca Neji (Hie Hie Neji, Koso Koso Neji, and Moji Moji Neji) and the Voca Neji Tool Box.
DX Peket! (DXペケット!)March 4, 2017Includes a Peke Peke Neji.
DX Sugo Sugoindā Neji
April 22, 2017
Voca Neji Vol. 1: Asamade Party
(ボキャネジ 第1弾~朝までパーリィ~)
September 17, 2016 A box that contains one random Voca Neji. There are twelve Voca Neji in total.
Voca Neji Vol. 2: Hebo no El Dorado
(ボキャネジ 第2弾~ヘボのエルドラド~)
December 3, 2016 A box that contains one random Voca Neji. There are twelve Voca Neji in total.
Voca Neji Vol. 3: Otona mo Kodomo mo Voca Bot mo
(ボキャネジ 第3弾~おとなもこどももボキャボットも~)
February 18, 2017 A box that contains one random Voca Neji. There are twelve Voca Neji in total.
Voca Bot DJ Sarukky
(ボキャボット DJサルッキー)
September 17, 2016
Voca Bot Kattobi Tiger
(ボキャボット カットビタイガー)
October 22, 2016
Voca Bot Sky Rabbit
(ボキャボット スカイラビット)
October 22, 2016
Voca Bot Daddy Boar
(ボキャボット ダディボア)
November 19, 2016
Voca Bot Toguroll
(ボキャボット トグロール)
November 19, 2016
Voca Bot Hakusencho
(ボキャボット ハクセンチョウ)
December 28, 2016


(ヘボット!ソフビシリーズ ヘボット)

(ヘボット!ソフビシリーズ ペケット)
Hebo Hebo Mascot


Besides the main line, Heybot! also has candy toys, gashapon and Carddass.


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